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Hello there, thank you for checking us out.  My name is Joe Kuan and I am the founder of VIG Designers LLC ( soon to be Joie Elie Photography).  At the beginning of 2012, my wife- Vickie and I make a major decision to re-brand our company from VIG Designers LLC to Joie Elie photography, named after our beloved two daughters Joie and Elie.   At the 10th anniversary of our wonderful marriage & doing business together, my vision is that this will be a company that is remain friendly & humane as a family business and always keeps the next generation in mind (after all, we only have one earth).   We continue to team up with commemorative and award-winning visual artists who are highly skilled in five stars photography and cinematography productions.  If you know any young and emerging artists who are looking forward to joining an amazing team, we would really appreciate that you refer them our way, thank you in advance!

[Something about the founder]– Joe Kuan received his MFA (master of fine art) degree in media studies from Syracuse University in 1999 and worked in the most demanding Silicon Alley (the advertising district in downtown New York City) right after graduation till 2011. As a 911 survivor, Joe founded VIG Designers LLC in February 2002 with his newly-wed wife Vickie Kuan to focus on their passion in wedding,  lifestyle and portrait photography. Combined with the strong academic training and hands-on experience in visual production, we are committed to serving you with honesty & integrity. It is our expertise to transform your event into a heart-felt, handsomely made visual presentation.

Our five-star photography and cinematography service is unique and personal. If you like what you see on our website, we would love to meet with you and show you more. You’ll find a friendly zero-pressure atmosphere where we chat about your wedding, view the most trendy albums and watch high definition movies!

We firmly believe that all human desire is unfailing love.  It is amazing.  Just simply by seeing a picture of someone, your brain instantly make the connection to the most memorable things about them.  Life goes un unscripted.  As your family historians, we look forward to be part of your every mile stone in life and immortalizing your best memories in time.

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